Kids Playground was established to give you the opportunity to be advised about the affordable products that are available to you as a parent, teacher or caregiver. We want to inform you about the developing skills of every product to your child and how to enhance the developing of your child to its full potential.

Our products are CAPS approved which are in line of the Department of Educational needs for schools. We are updating our products to adapt to the new curriculum and to help you as parent to give your child that extra in his school years.

Whether you are looking for a product as a present or to enhance your child’s learning skills, you are at the right place. If you are unsure which product, you are welcome to email us. Our products are durable, affordable and we have a great variety for the developing of your child’s future through play. Wouldn’t you as educator enjoy the thought that you add the teaching through play in the development? Look no further because we have everything right here at Kids Playground.

Kid’s Playground are looking at every product for the safety, affordability, durability, and developing skills for children of all ages. The range of products is as wide as any kid's imagination. After all, it was children's vivid imagination and the need to absorb information, which brought most of these products to life. The variety of products gives you the opportunity to enjoy it with your children. The products are develop to have single activities or in a group.

Did you ask yourself why educational products are important? Here are your answers.

  • As a parent, caregiver, teacher or crèche owner, you are naturally concerned with what is best for your child. From food to toys you want the best for your children. Many parents feel that exposing a child to colours, shapes, and sounds can be stimulating for a child’s brain, especially if introduced at a young age.
  • It is important that the product maintain a fun level. If your child is enjoying the toy, they will not see that they are being taught something, and it will still allow your child to have creative urges. Products that aid in the development of knowledge, but encourage playing are the considered the best. These products can help improve basic skills which is very important in your child’s development. Don’t bother with products that are complicated, but look into products that have skill levels so that it will grow with your child.
  • Educational products should match your child’s learning style. There are many ways a person can learn. Some people are visual learners while others learn through sound. It is important to find how your child interacts with it and what your child is most responsive to. If your child can learn something and have fun, isn’t that the most important thing to you? 
We, at Kid's Playground, understand the importance of the following:
  • Developing skills that are physical, social and emotional, intellectual, and language.
  • To be able to read, a child must be able to recognize the letters, know the sound of the letters, and be able to recognize the letters quickly and say the sound without hesitation. Always teach the letter name and letter sound together, never separately.
  • Every child learns through play.
  • There are different developing stages for a child from birth and onwards.
  • As parents, teachers and caregivers you have a great deal to do with the social and emotional development of your child or the child under your care.

As parents, our biggest responsibility is to provide a structured and nurturing environment in which our children can become prepared for life as an adult. 

Please note: The range and variety is endless. If you do not see something that you want on these pages, please send me an e- mail in which you explain what you need or what your requirements are. I will gladly assist you. 

Remember: I feel as passionate about the development, education and safety of your children, as I do of my own!

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